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DRUM – Rail Inspection as a Service

DRUM can help railroad network operators to simplify inspections, maintenance, controls, and documentation to reduce the planning effort involved in upgrading railroad lines, thereby saving valuable resources. DRUM supports the planning process as well as inventory management of assets, condition monitoring and incident management. All data can be accessed via InfraScore at the touch of a button and is available at any time with the support of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) and the AI-based platform ARCA©.

DRUM digitizes the rail system from end-to-end:

Asset and terrain visualization

During the planning of new track sections, the condition of the terrain is analyzed in a several hundred metre radius around the new route. The planned areas are precisely measured and distances are defined. Vegetation or trees that could fall on to the tracks are also measured automatically and these danger areas are marked. With ongoing construction sites, it is possible to obtain a detailed image of the area; from this, the construction progress is documented and a digital twin is generated.

Digital twin

Inventory of railway installations

Rockfall nets

Avalanche barriers

Asset recognition

In order to enable a continuous digital inventory of the infrastructure, it is essential to be able to detect objects in the specific track (clearance) such as sleepers, switches and masts. In addition, avalanche barriers, rockfall nets, retaining walls and the like must also be identified and located in the extended track. This allows automated cataloguing, including geo-coordinates. With BVLOS-UAS, in connection with automated data processing, operators are able to inventory all railway systems and the associated infrastructure in a uniform manner.

Condition monitoring

AI-based image evaluation automatically recognizes assets and compares images with their previous states. If an anomaly is detected in the images, an IoT trigger (Internet of Things) transmits the image with the damaged area, including the exact geo-coordinates, to a previously defined group of people. This means the planning of urgent maintenance can be started immediately or the maintenance cycle can be optimized.

Vegetation can also become a problem if it is not removed in time. AI evaluates the image material. The tree throwing radius is always in view and regular checks are fully automated. UAS are therefore particularly suitable for predictive maintenance tasks because they fly tracks at regular intervals; separate track runners are not necessary. Thanks to the uniform documentation of assets and the AI-based analysis of status changes, problems are quickly discovered. Thus cracks in buildings, rock falls, imminent debris flows, and similar threats can be quickly identified and eliminated.

AI recognizes assets and
compares images
AI recognizes assets and
compares images
AI recognizes assets and
compares images

Detected damage caused by
natural disaster

Incident recognition and emergency exploration

After emergency incidents or weather events, reconnaissance from the air provides a quick overview of the situation. Users can directly follow the flight via live stream in order to initiate immediate emergency or repair measures if necessary.

Monitoring services

Based on our products and services we monitor:

Track systems, railroad sleepers, tracks, conductor rails, poles, signal systems, hectometre signs, balises, markers, overhead lines, switches, noise protection barriers, rockfall and landslide barriers, avalanche protection, cabling, vegetation, slopes, dirt and debris.

Data sources:

Historical data, UAS-flights, track inspection vehicles, satellite data

Data types:

RGB, laser, radar, multispectral, thermal, video, stationary sensor systems


2D, 3D-models, digital twins, integration of ERP, live video streams


SmartDigital supports companies in taking advantage of digital transformation to optimize their assets. Depending on the individual case, SmartDigital offers flexible solutions for critical infrastructure providers in the rail, energy and road sector.

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Multi-source data fusion in one platform

  • processing of stationary, mobile, ground-based and airborne data sources
  • integration of multiple IoT sensors
  • interfaces to customer-specific asset management systems

Domain-specific high-performance AI

  • customized AI algorithms for rail
  • infrastructure applications
  • analysis of highly complex infrastructure data for asset management and condition monitoring
  • data enrichment as a base for detailed, customized reports

Reliable data management

  • secure and tamper-proof documentation based on the blockchain
  • multi-tenant management
  • highly scalable architecture
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Central interface

  • easy to use: multiple users including customized role management
  • time and location-independent availability of all data
  • easy handling of the entire process from order to report

Expert reports

  • 2D, 3D, 3D VR, live video, etc.
  • appropriate decision-relevant systems for all asset management tasks
  • use of appropriate data augmentation to provide excellent asset visibility
  • fast and accurate decision-making based on dynamic data reports
  • customized alerting systems


  • handling of the entire process in one place
  • end-to-end process from the order to individualized reports
  • clear and transparent service fulfilment

Cooperation DRS Alliance & DRUM

DRUM is part of the DRS Alliance (DRSA | Digital Railway Solutions Alliance). DRSA offers an open innovation ecosystem to provide railway infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of the industry and individual companies. Europe’s 15 best-in-class innovative companies have joined forces to provide world-class integrated sensor technology solutions, 3D+ infrastructure data solutions, end-to-end asset data management, AI-based predictive infrastructure management, and automated services for trackside safety to increase the security, efficiency, and capacity of railway infrastructure globally. Find more Information about the DRSA here.


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