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DRUM – Dynamic Rail Utilities Monitoring
Digitalization of the extended track
DRUM – Dynamic Rail Utilities Monitoring
Inspection of the extended track
DRUM – Dynamic Rail Utilities Monitoring
Inventory of the extended track
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Track inspection as a service

We digitize rail infrastructure assets and services by applying fully automated processes available on a highly scalable platform. We use blockchain-based documentation technology and advanced IoT triggers in combination with unmanned aircraft operations. We enable railway network operators to ensure successful operations. Our goal is to become the global leader in automated rail digitization.

„What clients can expect“

DRUM guarantees
  • Precise, automized and digitalized data
  • Fully automized E2E process without system rupture
  • Reduction of manual processes
  • Asset inspection during operation
  • Less consequential damage due to predictive maintenance
Revenue increase
  • higher availability of consisting facilities
  • higher expansion rate of new assets
Cost reduction
  • cost-effective inventory
  • higher efficiency of employees
Increased safety
  • reduced personnel requirement for dangerous inspections
  • fast and complete overview of situations after natural events
Reduction of CO<sub>2</sub> emissions
  • less carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional inspection methods (cars, helicopters vs. UAS)
Lower capital <br>expenditures (CAPEX)
  • less consequential damage through predictive maintenance
  • efficient asset inspection
  • no need for a major investment in an additional fleet of aircraft and payload

Track inspection as a service

Optimized Asset Life Cycle Management for Rail

We offer rail-based, airborne measurement and detection tools and instruments as a service to our customers. All data is processed automatically and evaluated by the AI-based platform ARCA©.

End-to-end-process: data collection, analysis, evaluation

A partner you can rely on – Everything from a single source!

planning & documentation | asset recognition | asset & condition monitoring | incident detection and exploration of emergency scenes


Data provided by external suppliers

Data provided by external suppliers

  • Data collection by Track inspection vehicles
  • Inventory data from rail infrastructure operators
  • Data from track tape
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  • BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)
  • UAS  (Unmanned Aircraft System)
  • Customizable payloads (PLD)

    Clients can choose from a wide variety of different sensors for the UAS such as optical cameras, multispectral cameras, laser systems, ultraviolet cameras, and thermal sensors.

  • Consulting | safety management
    EuroDragons offers support on all matters relating to UAS such as operating licenses, operational procedures, consulting, and assistance.
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  • multi-source data fusion
  • reliable data governance (Blockchain secured)
  • domain-specific high-performance AI
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  • central interface for customers
  • domain-specific expert reports
  • one-stop-shop from order to report

Products & Services

DRUM – Rail Inspection as a Service

DRUM can help railroad network operators to simplify inspections, maintenance, controls, and documentation to reduce ...

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